Mostly somewhere to store my work & the media I recommend. I’ll update the blog if there’s something I’m dying to write that wouldn’t work as a pitch, but I’m not setting any schedule for myself.

I’ll try to avoid deleting anything from here, but I might hide things from navigation to make it less cluttered — if you bookmark something, you should be able to find it again.

The look of the site was partly inspired by brutalist web design, partly by the whole earth catalog and old alt weeklies, partly by typewritten text designs, and partly by the artist @avocado_ibroprufen. I want it to be simple, accessible, and easy to navigate on any device (although it will always look best on desktop).


This is a static site, handmade by me using Pelican. Because it’s static, it costs me just £12 per year to run — that covers a custom domain and SSL certificate from NameCheap. Hosting is free via Render.

HTML is a heavily altered version of Pelican’s simple themeCSS was written almost entirely by me, with the exception of a grid format and navbar from PureCSS.

The font is Simoncini Garamond.

Statically served images are run through Atkinson Dithering before upload, both to reduce their size and because I think it looks cool.

The whole site is currently 100 KB0.03 grams of CO2 is produced per visit. There are no cookies, no trackers, and (almost) no Javascript. Analytics are collected in a privacy-aware manner via GoatCounter.


  • Show articles by topic on writing index
  • Visually show active page in navbar
  • Collapsing navbar on mobile
  • Automatically changing last updated marker at the bottom of all pages
  • Redesign podcasts page
  • Code page
  • Add colour modes, like this site
  • Webmentions
  • Green hosting
  • Guestbook
  • Site-wide search — would require Javascript (I think)
  • (Eventually) Figure out gemini & implement it
  • (Eventually) Redo whole site from scratch — build my own static site generator, host it myself


The code for this website is licensed under The Anti-Capitalist Software License. Text on the blog is licensed under Creative Commons. Anything I’ve written for a publication is licensed under their rules and reproduced here only for my own records, not for profit.


  • 14/10/22 New theme
  • 09/01/23 Another new theme